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Sudden Comfort® Drain-Thru Anti-Fatigue Mats

sudden-Comfort-Anti-Fatigue Matssudden-Comfort-Anti-Fatigue Mats

  • Sudden Comfort is the product of breakthrough technology in the polyurethane sponge industry and has made it possible for us to offer the marketplace an outstanding new product combining the best attributes of polyurethane construction and rubber drain-thru safety in one of the most exciting products we have ever manufactured.
  • A revolutionary wet area drain-thru mat that is made of sponge, delivering the ultimate in comfort with near perfect underfoot contour, relieving the pressure points that cause poor posture and that underfoot burning sensation after long hours of standing.
  • Sudden Comfort is a 3/4" thick polyurethane sponge mat that is encapsulated in an unbelievably tough and wear resistant 1/8" thick solid polyurethane skin.
  • Expertly crafted and made from the world's most advanced polyurethane materials. Sudden Comfort offers enhanced support that withstands the test of time.
  • Due to this new technology, we are able to offer a five (5) year wear guarantee on the Sudden Comfort product.
  • Marketing studies using product comparison, conducted for Ranco indicate a 98% preference for Sudden Comfort. We encourage you to order die cut 12"x18" samples for presentation to your customers.
  • Size available, 2'X4', 3'X3', 3'X5', Color: Charcoal.

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Sudden Comfort
Product Spec
Sudden Comfort 3/4"
Stock No. Description Weight Ea.
SC-2448 2' x 4' 10.0 lbs.
SC-3636 3' x 3' 11.0 lbs.
SC-3660 3' x 5' 17.0 lbs.
Sizes available:2'X4', 3'X3' and 3'X5', Color: Charcoal.

While remaining true to our roots as craftsmen

Ranco is founded on an equal commitment to technology. Better tools and more precise techniques are essential to the manufacturing of the world's best anti-fatigue mats. Ranco personnel have been at the forefront of innovative mat design for the last twenty years. Ranco has cultivated links to manufacturing and chemical engineering partners throughout the world to further our efforts. The ultimate product of these efforts, there's a little Einstein in every Rhino mat.

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